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Phoebe, pug dog from Sonning joins Doggy Day Care

When I got a call from Julie, who told me she was moving from Sheffield to Sonning and was looking for someone to look after her 14 month old pug dog, Phoebe, I was so excited - pugs are (one of) my favourite breeds! So I arranged to meet up with them as soon as they arrived in Sonning.
Phoebe enrolled in Mind My Paws doggy day care three weeks ago, and I have completely and utterly fallen in love with her! She is the cutest little thing with the biggest personality. She comes to me three days a week and also boarded with us this weekend.

Cat sitting in Twyford

Easter has been a very busy time at Mind My Paws. As well as many dogs to walk, I have been sitting 8 cats over the Royal Wedding weekend.
First up is Pixel, the beautiful Bengal, who's owners have been away for the last three weeks in New Zealand visiting family. She is quite possibly the softest, friendliest cat I have ever met. Apart from one little scare on the lack of seeing her for a day, which resulted in getting to know all the neighbours and the vet (!), Pixel was an utter joy to sit.

Bouncer dog boards at Mind My Paws

In the past, Bouncer has gone to kennels when his family go on holiday, but he has never enjoyed going there, so this time, he boards exclusively at Mind My Paws.  Once he got over his fear of our slippery laminate flooring, he was a happy dog. Happy to go out and chase his ball, happy to stay in and sleep in his basket, happy to sit by your feet - generally just happy.
In the five days that he was with us, he has made many friends, both doggy and human! He has joined me on my walks with Dudley, Ozzy who was with us for two days this week, Frankie, Toto and Rolo.

Dudley and dog walking in Henley on Thames

Dudley and his family have moved from Toronto, Canada back to the UK, so he is my first official foreigner. Thankfully he seems to understand my Scottish accent!
Having had a major shoulder operation in November last year, Dudley is now fully recovered and ready to get back out there and restore his fitness levels - which is where I come in.
Living slap bang in the middle of woods just outside Henley on Thames, we are spoilt for our choice of walks. There are woods in all directions and the Thames is within walking distance too.

Stan joins Doggy Day Care in Twyford

Stan, the adorable 14 week old Jack Russell Terrier puppy had his first day at Doggy Day Care with Mind My Paws. His owners, Mark and Stef have had him for four weeks now and have trained him to perfection already! Amazing! Since they've had him, Mark has been at home with Stan training him which explains the impecible beahaviour. He has been well socialised, with both humans and other dogs, so he was quite happy to stay at ours for the day.
Mark and Stef briefed me on all his likes, dislikes, habits and routines.

Ozzy the chocolate labrador from Twyford was a model boarder this weekend at Mind My Paws

Where do I start with Ozzy, the two year old chocolate labrador from Twyford? As well has having the shiniest coat and most beautiful eyes, he is the most laid back of labs and quite possibly the most well-known dog in Twyford!
He and his family live in the same estate and infact road as Mind My Paws, so it was nice to have a 'local' boarding with us. While they went off to Centre Parks for a long weekend, Ozzy, armed with his favourite toys (including a very squeeky tennis ball!) settled in very easily to his holiday home.

Cat sitting in Henely on Thames

Mark and Nicky, the owners of Dexter and Jasmine, warned me I might not see either of them when I visit to feed and change their litter, while they go away on holiday for a week. 
'What usually brings them out of hiding?' I ask. 'You could try rattling this tub of Whiskas treats' Mark says. He does it and Jasmine's head appears cautiously around the door! But she looks at me and decides not to bother joining us.
So on my first visit to them yesterday, after I clean the litter and get their food and water ready, I try his trick.

Charlie, dog from Shiplake boards with Mind My Paws for a week

Charlie, the beautiful golden retriever is boarding with Mind My Paws for the half term week. His family have gone skiing and they wanted to make sure their beloved dog got the care and attention they would give him if they were there. As they normally holiday in the UK, Charlie goes with them. So it's as difficult for them to leave Charlie as it is for him to be away from them.
All Charlie's familiar toys, bed and food come with him. He settles in easily and sits on my feet as his owners told me he would!

Aileen welcomes Frankie to her weekly dog walking service in Henley on Thames

Frankie is the newest addition to my dog walking service in Henley on Thames. This one year old is full of character and even although she is tiny, she is strong andknows exactly what she wants. She is keen to play with other dogs and is a constant source of entertainment. Her little legs take her happily on our hour long walks easily and she looks up at me at the end as if to say 'what is that it?'
The weather is starting to get nicer, so we have plenty of beautiful walks ahead for us and all our other dogs.

Advice from RSPCA: the importance of providing your dog with the company it needs

There is a reason why a dog is man's best friend - their personalities are similar to ours! They crave social activity from the people they know and from people and experiences they don't. Make sure your dog has appropriate company to stimulate him or her both mentally and physically.
The facts:
  • Dogs are sociable animals who need and enjoy company.
  • If dogs are treated well as puppies, they learn to see people as friends and companions.
  • A dog may suffer if it is left without company and has nothing to do for long periods of time.
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